Stop Waiting For Your Ship To Come In

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance

Aug 04

If you’re waiting for ‘your ship to come in’, you could be waiting a damn long time. The world does not reward people financially for sitting around expecting everything to be handed to them on a platter. Vision, focus, determination and a willingness to take action and pursue your goal relentlessly are key components in the journey to creating wealth and freedom.
The unveiling of the phenomena the Law of Attraction has been a blessing and a curse for many. The Law of Attraction is always at work. It is one of the basic Universal Laws. And how you align vibrationally with what you want to create is an important part of the process. But sitting around purely focusing on your vibrational frequency will not get you to what your want or to where you want to go. Another of the basic Universal Laws is the Law of Action. Every outcome is the result of some form of action. The Universe will support you when you are proactive and take definitive positive, focused action toward your goals.
If you’re in financial difficulty, get intensely curious about what the world needs, what problem needs solving and then start creating solutions to that problem and deliver them. When you provide a solution to a problem that a significant number of the population want solved, you will also solve your problem. And remember, don’t sell people what you think they need. Sell them what they want, and ensure that your solution also provides what they need.
Here are 5 things you can do right now to start solving your cash flow problems.

  1. Decide what you want. What’s your vision? Your mission? An injustice you want to rectify in the world? What legacy do you want to leave? What do you stand for?
  2. Identify your unconscious competence. We are all born with a unique set of gifts and talents provided to us to serve the world in some way. What do you do easily, effortlessly and really well and enjoy doing?
  3. Identify a problem you can solve. Identify a problem you can solve for a specific group of people and create a solution.
  4. Put together and plan and a strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  5. Take consistent daily action toward those goals. You will need to put a lot more effort in in the beginning. And as you build continual momentum it will carry you toward your goal. If you don’t do this consistently, all your efforts will be in vain.

Put these 5 steps in place right now and watch as you start to steam roll toward your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
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About the Author

I’m an abundance coach. Using powerful transformation techniques, like EFT Tapping and Sound Healing I empower soul centered entrepreneurs who want financial freedom to make a bigger difference and live an extraordinary life, because I believe everyone deserves to be free to be all they can be. And the best part is, when you change your mindset, everything changes.