Set Yourself Free With EFT & Sound Healing

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Dec 03

Do you want true peace and joy in your life? All you have to do is embrace everything in your life as it is right now and know that you are everything you seek, all the time, no exception.

We have created this permanent torment for ourselves. A self-imposed torture chamber of fear, lack and limitation. Nothing is ever enough and there is always something wrong with our lives. There is always something we want to be better or just plain different.

Our income is not enough. Our relationships are not enough. Our work is not enough. Our homes are not enough. Our cars are not enough. Our bodies are not enough. Our knowledge is not enough. Our intelligence is not enough. Our achievements are not enough. We don’t have enough ‘stuff’. We are not enough!

This ‘never enough’ illusion that we have created has become a permanent source of torment and torture that creates fear, frustration, anger, sadness, depression, shame, guilt and any other negative and destructive emotion you care to mention.

What if we accepted that everything is perfect just the way it is? And what if you are everything that you seek and so much more?
We seek everything we want to experience as if it is outside of us, separate to us and as such we keep chasing it as some illusive thing that we must acquire. The truth is we are everything we ever wish to experience and as we project it and seek it as something outside of ourselves, we actually look straight past it and it continues to elude us. When in fact, it’s been right there inside of us the whole time.

Embrace that you are everything you wish to be, do and have, and life will take on an easy flow and grace that brings an indescribable peace of heart and mind that is priceless. This also enables you to align effortlessly with your desires and allow them to come to you easily as you let go of the constant struggle.

This knowing does not necessarily mean that you will instantly become unbelievably rich, or indescribably beautiful and irresistible, or everything you have ever dreamed you wanted will automatically and instantly appear in your life. But this is the beauty of this realization. Once you realize that it is all within you, you no longer need to seek it outside of you in those experiences. You keep dreaming and creating and experiencing and you will enjoy many wonderful things in your life. Whatever you want will manifest much more easily because you have stopped yearning for them as something that is separate from you. The desperation ends and suddenly you know exactly what you need to do to create those things in your life that you want to experience without the urgency and fear and frustration that only serves to push them away.

This is true magic and this is when you will realize that everything is perfect just the way it is, including you. Acceptance and peace enters your heart and takes up permanent residence. And you can get to this place using EFT and Sound Healing. Find out how by registering for the free gifts on the home page. They will change your life.

Stop pushing against life and wishing it were different. Instead, look for the perfection in every situation and person who is present right here right now, because it is, and always will be.


About the Author

I'm an abundance coach. Using powerful transformation techniques, like EFT Tapping and Sound Healing I empower soul centered entrepreneurs who want financial freedom to make a bigger difference and live an extraordinary life, because I believe everyone deserves to be free to be all they can be. And the best part is, when you change your mindset, everything changes.

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