19th February

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Happiness Hour Replay 19th February[/headline_arial_medium_centered] [features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”]This Happiness Hour I worked through an exercise to help change your perspective on your problems and see them as blessings. It turned out to be quite a lesson on how to change all aspects of your life, including your wealth![/features_box_red]

Everything in life is about perspective. If you focus on your problems with despair and frustration they will always define your life. If you see them as a gift for you to solve to be come the person you need to be to achieve the things you want to achieve, they take on a whole new meaning.Life was meant to be fun and interesting, not a struggle. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” (Buddhist saying).Success and wealth are not only possible. With the right attitude, discipline and focus, they are inevitable.
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