Change Your Money Story

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  • Are you tired of struggling for money?
  • Or maybe you want to take your finances to the next level?
  • Are you prepared to make a radical change in your life to secure your financial future?
  • Would you like to discover your infinite power and potential?
  • Are you ready to change your money story and step into wealth, abundance, happiness and freedom?

You Are A Being Of Infinite Power and Potential

PowerDo you know you are have infinite power and potential and that you have everything you need to be, do, have and create everything your heart desires?

You’ve probably heard that before if you’re into personal development. But they can seem like hollow words when you’ve been working on your own personal growth for ages, but your results never seem to change. At least not significantly.

People often say to me, ‘I’m doing all of the stuff the Law of Attraction says, I’m thinking positively, I’ve made my vision board, I’m visualising my ideal life, but nothing is happening.’

Well, my first answer is, ‘That’s not completely true’. Something is happening, because if you put a desire out there the Universe will send it to you. That’s the Law!

Now this is the part where I lose a lot of people because it doesn’t seem to make logical sense.

Have YOU Changed?

The reason the system is breaking down is because, for some reason, you aren’t open to receive it and are probably even repelling it.

There is some limiting belief or subconscious programming which is creating a powerful counter intention and that is stopping whatever you have asked for from coming into your life.

So my second reply in relation to this question is alwaysHave you changed?’.

You see, the part that most people don’t understand is that change MUST, MUST, MUST, come from the inside out. It never, ever works the other way around.

And whilst thinking positive thoughts is great, it doesn’t change what’s going on in your hard drive, your super computer, your mother board, your subconscious. And it’s your subconscious that controls pretty much everything in your life.

If you’re thinking positive thoughts about the life you want to live, and your subconscious is in the background going, ‘I don’t think so’ then you are never going to achieve what you really want.

Human head with gearsThere’s plenty of scientific reasoning and information behind this phenomenon, but I’m not going to bore you with that here.

The main thing you need to know is that your actions determine your results, so if you want to change your results you have to change from the inside out: your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Now there is one thing that drives all of these things, and that’s your belief systems which are buried deep in your subconscious mind, and that you have been reaffirming year in and year out for most of your life. How do I know this? Because that’s what the subconscious mind does!

So now you’re probably saying, well that’s great, so how do I change that?

And the answer is that you have to go straight to the source of the problem – your belief systems. 

Now changing your belief systems is no simple task. This is why so many people have become fed up with working their butts off doing everything the law of attraction says and feel like they’re getting nowhere.

The good news is, firstly, all that stuff you’ve been asking for is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to be open to receive, and when you are, it will come flooding into your existence so fast that you’ll be bewildered and wondering what the hell happened!

Thumbs Up 3Secondly, with the explosion of the information age, we are incredibly fortunate to be exposed to everything we need to be able to shift our subconscious paradigms to change our results. There are many amazing and powerful techniques that can help to change your subconscious belief systems very quickly.

If you’re familiar with my work then you’ll know I primarily use 2 particularly powerful techniques. The first one has been taking the world by storm in the last few years and you’ve probably heard of it – Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. It’s also referred to as Tapping.

The second is my favourite because I get to give and all you have to do is receive.

As a Master Sound Healer I have witnessed some profound shifts in people through my gift of healing. Sound has been recognized by many ancient cultures for centuries and has been used throughout the ages to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The combination of the EFT and Sound Healing are a match made in heaven. They are both vibrational energy healing techniques and whilst EFT Tapping is outstanding at helping to shift blocks to pretty much anything, the sound healing completely realigns your vibration for an even deeper shift in your being which in turn alters the vibration you are emitting to the Universe.

Hey presto, you start to allow in the things you are asking for!

So What’s Different About The Change Your Money Story Program?

  • Practical and powerful tools to release blocks to money
  • EFT Tapping exercises to create positive transformation in your subconscious about money
  • 8 unique Sound Healing Recordings to change your vibration about abundance
  • Release fears that stop you from attracting wealth into your life
  • Learn how to command your subconscious mind to obey new commands
  • Uncover and release negative belief systems about money and success
  • Improve your self esteem so you become unstoppable
  • Own your unique brilliance and step into your infinite power and potential
  • Program your subconscious to be open to receive abundance in all it’s forms, especially money
  • Step by step actions to take from this point forward to secure your financial future

This program is so much more than just another book with “how to’s” about creating wealth and success. It’s filled with exercises to transform your life and change your subconscious programming about money so you make the right decisions and take the right actions to become financially abundant for the rest of your life.

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Stop There

If This Is You, Don’t Buy This Program!

Now I know you’re dying to get into this program, but before you do, I want to warn you that this is not for everyone.

Already your subconscious is probably telling you this is just another dud program full of hype and no substance and that it’s going to be another big waste of time and money, just like all the other programs that you bought and nothing has changed.

And even if you do decide to ignore all the reasons your subconscious is telling you not to buy the Change Your Money Story program, and you go ahead and purchase it anyway, chances are it will sit on your computer for a later date “When you have time”.

Girl Writing in DiaryIf you’re already thinking ‘I’ll buy it now and get to it at some stage when I have time’, then STOP! And recognize that that is just your subconscious sabotaging you and doing everything it can to avoid change.

If you are going to make the commitment to yourself, your family and your future by buying this program, then the first thing you must do is mark specific dates and times in your diary when you are going to actually put what is in this program into practice, and then DO IT!

Yes, I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but if you want results from this program then the bad news is you actually have to do something with it.

The Change Your Money Story program is filled with action steps for you to take to change your subconscious belief systems and your results. You will have to dedicate some time to doing the exercises in this program if you want to see your life transform.

So if you’re looking for a magic pill where you don’t have to do anything and your life changes dramatically over night then DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Oh, and if that is you, when you find that program please let me know because I tried to find that one for years, and I came up empty!

But don’t worry too much. The steps you have to take really won’t take that long. In fact you could probably get through everything in this program in one day if you really put your mind to it.

The Fortune Is In The Follow Through

And then, you are going to have to follow through. Now, at the end of the workbook I have given you all the things you need to do after the program, for the rest of your life, to live a life of purpose and passion and fulfillment, satisfaction, wealth, abundance and happiness.

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So, What Do You Get In The 'Change Your Money Story Program'?

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There are 9 in depth modules to release common subconscious beliefs that stop people from achieving wealth, abundance, happiness and freedom and realizing the life they desire and deserve.

8 of these modules utilize EFT and Sound Healing components to help shift your subconscious mind and your vibration which will transform your life.

Each module is in the workbook PDF and recorded as an audio and is completely downloadable so once you purchase, you can get started straight away.

Module 1 - Willingness to Change

If you want your life the change, then you must be willing to change. Unfortunately the subconscious mind is afraid of change. It will do whatever it can to maintain the status quo because it has constructed belief systems that are designed to keep you safe. If you step outside of those paradigms the subconscious will immediately go into overdrive sabotaging your efforts because it wants to keep you safe.

By using EFT to remove the fear of change, your Subconscious will not sabotage your anymore and you are free to embrace change and discover all the possibilities open to you.

Module 2 - Command Your Subconscious Mind

Command Your Subconscious Mind – Whilst your subconscious mind controls your results, if you give it a direct command it is obliged to obey. This module will show you how to command your subconscious to operate so it helps you become wealth and successful instead of hindering you.

Module 3 - Your Feelings About Money

Most people have no idea about the limiting and negative beliefs they have about money and success that are lurking in their unconscious telling them that being wealthy is a terrible thing. These beliefs are so destructive that you must uncover them and disarm them if you ever want to move forward.

In this module you will first uncover your most destructive beliefs that are holding you back and then replace them with new supportive beliefs that will assist you in achieving everything your heart desires.

Module 4 - Self Belief, Self Confidence and Self Esteem

One of the greatest stealers of dreams is self esteem and self confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself and your self worth, it is highly unlikely you will follow through in the face of adversity.

This module will help to release all self-doubt and build confidence in yourself so you become unstoppable.

Module 5 - My Time To Shine

Being afraid to shine is unfortunately a very common issue for many people who wish to achieve great things, and consequently they just can’t seem to get ahead no matter how hard they try.

When you embrace your brilliance, you will be amazed what you are capable of achieving. You really do have infinite power and potential. Own it, be it and your life will be truly awesome!

Module 6 - Open To Miracles

The Universe is sending you wonderful miracles all the time, but if you are not open to receive them, then they won’t translate into your life, or you won’t see them as miracles and will not take advantage of their power and potential. To receive them, you must raise your level of awareness and gratitude for all the miracles you already have, and believe that you deserve bigger and better miracles to transpire.

Module 7 - Open To Receive

If you are not receiving what you are asking for, then you are blocking it from coming in for some reason. This module is designed to help shift your vibration so you are open to receive. By removing blocks and obstacles to your desires, they can transpire quickly and easily into your life, without all the drama, and that’s what this module is all about.

Module 8 - Infinite Being of Light

You are an infinite being of light with infinite power and potential and the only limitations we have are those we put on ourselves. By acknowledging this infiniteness of your existence, you are open to all possibilities and nothing will stand in the way of you achieving everything your heart desires.

Module 9 - Action Steps To Take

This program is very powerful, but once you are open to creating wealth and success in your life, you actually have to do something for it to transpire. Energy is all about exchange. You must give in order to receive.  You must take action if you want your life to change.

This module outlines 12 steps for you to take to be a conscious creator and have everything your heart desires. You don’t have to do them all, but choose 3 to 5 and just get started. Your results will change dramatically when you are taking the right kind of action.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are still undecided and skeptical about this program, then I will take all the risk for you. If you buy this program and don’t get results within 90 days, then just let me know and I will give you your money back, no questions asked! I can’t be more fair than that!

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