Digital MP3’s With Sound Healing and EFT

Edgar Cayce was a notable psychic of the early 20th Century and was known widely as ‘the sleeping prophet’ and the ‘father of holistic medicine’. He made many predictions about the future of healing including that ‘sound is the medicine of the future’.

Today this is proving to be accurate, with sound documented as having powerful healing properties with the potential to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Marguerita’s unique training as an opera singer combined with her ability to channel the ancient healing language, Light Language, provides a powerful source of healing for people on all levels of their being. In many of the recordings below, this is also combined with the widely celebrated energy psychology system known as Emotional Freedom Technique. Separately these healing modalities are known to have powerful healing and transformation capabilities, when combined their potential is multiplied exponentially.

Please find a range of Digital Downloadable MP3’s below that have been recorded specifically to heal various aspects of your mind, body and spirit that are keeping you from living a life of freedom, joy, peace, love, health, wealth and happiness.

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