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Jan 23

Abundance Is Determined By Your Attitude

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Money , Wealth

You were born abundant and the very essence of who you are is abundance.

It’s an unnecessary injustice that so many people are struggling financially in their lives, which is why I do what I do and dedicate so much time to helping people overcome the negative programming in their money mindset.

And the thing that is the most damaging to your level of abundance is the way you think and feel about abundance. When you change this, everything will start to turn around for you. And when you continue to work on and strengthen your thoughts and feelings about abundance, you will start to see quite a dramatic change in your results relatively quickly.

In order to have what you want you must want what you have. And by seeing the abundance that you already have in your life, and not focusing on what you think is missing, you will find a lot more abundance will naturally start to turn up in all areas of your life. And it’s not just by paying it lip service and thinking it, you’ve got to really feel it.

Start this practice of noticing abundance and really appreciating it and watch life start to turn around for you.

Aug 04

Stop Waiting For Your Ship To Come In

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Success , Wealth

If you’re waiting for ‘your ship to come in’, you could be waiting a damn long time. The world does not reward people financially for sitting around expecting everything to be handed to them on a platter. Vision, focus, determination and a willingness to take action and pursue your goal relentlessly are key components in the journey to creating wealth and freedom.
The unveiling of the phenomena the Law of Attraction has been a blessing and a curse for many. The Law of Attraction is always at work. It is one of the basic Universal Laws. And how you align vibrationally with what you want to create is an important part of the process. But sitting around purely focusing on your vibrational frequency will not get you to what your want or to where you want to go. Another of the basic Universal Laws is the Law of Action. Every outcome is the result of some form of action. The Universe will support you when you are proactive and take definitive positive, focused action toward your goals.
If you’re in financial difficulty, get intensely curious about what the world needs, what problem needs solving and then start creating solutions to that problem and deliver them. When you provide a solution to a problem that a significant number of the population want solved, you will also solve your problem. And remember, don’t sell people what you think they need. Sell them what they want, and ensure that your solution also provides what they need.
Here are 5 things you can do right now to start solving your cash flow problems.

  1. Decide what you want. What’s your vision? Your mission? An injustice you want to rectify in the world? What legacy do you want to leave? What do you stand for?
  2. Identify your unconscious competence. We are all born with a unique set of gifts and talents provided to us to serve the world in some way. What do you do easily, effortlessly and really well and enjoy doing?
  3. Identify a problem you can solve. Identify a problem you can solve for a specific group of people and create a solution.
  4. Put together and plan and a strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  5. Take consistent daily action toward those goals. You will need to put a lot more effort in in the beginning. And as you build continual momentum it will carry you toward your goal. If you don’t do this consistently, all your efforts will be in vain.

Put these 5 steps in place right now and watch as you start to steam roll toward your goals and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
If you aren’t a member of the Conscious Wealth Community yet, register now at Conscious Wealth Institute. And if you would like help putting these 5 steps in place, email me at Marguerita so we can set up a time to have a chat and see how I can help you.

Jul 29

You’ve Got Abundance All Wrong

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Success

Abundance is not what you have. It’s who you are.
Where most people go wrong with abundance, wealth and money is two fold.
Firstly, most people have a limited perception that abundance is a one dimensional condition reflected by their bank account. Not so. Abundance is a state of being that  impacts every area of our lives. Health, relationships, spirituality, career, wisdom, etc. And when we are being our truly abundant selves, all of these come into perfect balance. It is what makes up a truly rich, rewarding and satisfying human experience.
Second is the very damaging belief that they are separate from everything, including abundance. In reality, you are all that is. You are separate from nothing and one with everything, including abundance. When you understand this on the deepest level, you will start to experience this life in a very different way. Instead of yearning after more things and feeling like they’re out of your reach, you’ll know that they are already a part of your experience in a future time and space and your just catching up to that. You will no longer feel that empty longing for things you feel you want but don’t have yet, because you’ll know that those things are just an extension of who you are. And in order to experience them in your life, you must reconnect with who you truly are – all that is. And the best part is, when you do this, you release resistance and what you have wanted is able to come into your experience much more quickly.
Abundance comes from the inside out. When you are being an abundant person, you will experience abundance in your life. And the best part is that when you approach abundance in this way, it manifests in all parts of your life
So, take 5 minutes now to experience yourself as infinitely abundant, because you are. Connect with your truth and know that you are all that is and there is nothing you are not. Allow that sensation to infiltrate every fibre and cell of your body. Do this several times a day until you are living and breathing it every moment of every day.
You are greatness. You are abundance, You are ALL THAT IS!
If you’re ready to talk about coaching then please contact me via email here eMail Marguerita.

Jul 09

Stop Battling Your Demons

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Success

You are your only limit. And there are parts of your subconscious that believes it is safer for you to stay where you are than to achieve your goals. Well, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and you would have done it already, right?

Watch today’s video where I explain that you need to stop battling your internal demons and work with your perceived limitations not against them. The power is in your hands.


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Jun 16

Decree of Abundance

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance

This Decree of Abundance, or Abundance Prayer was originally written by Maureen Moss has been a highly valued companion of mine for some time. I say the decree every day and have noticed that it’s definitely lifted my abundance vibration since I’ve been using it and continues to do so.

Watch the video and speak the words out loud, or read the words below. I have also provided a download for you to print out and take with you so you can use it wherever and whenever you can.

Make this a daily practice and notice how your attitude and vibration around abundance makes a positive shift quite quickly. Embody the words and live by them every single day. You cannot help to be abundant when your attitude and belief systems are abundant.

Column 1

Column 3

Decree Of Abundance

By the light of God that I am
By the love of God that I am
By the power of God that I am
By the heart of God that I am
I decree

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance
The abundance of God is my infinite source
The river of life and abundance never stops flowing
It flows through me into lavish expression
Good comes to me through unexpected avenues
And God works in a myriad of ways to bless me

I now open my mind and my heart to receive all my good
Nothing is too good to be true
Nothing is too wonderful to happen
No miracle is too big for God to manifest
With God as my source, nothing amazes me

I am not burdened by my thoughts of past or future
One is gone and the other is yet to come

By the power of my belief
Coupled with my purposeful, fearless actions
And my deep rapport with God
My future is created and my abundance made manifest.
I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into the highest truth
My mind is quiet

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life
And life gives back to me with magnificent increase
As I am a beloved child of God
I am deserving of all the wonderful things God has in store for me
Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways
And God provides for me in wondrous ways

I am indeed loved unconditionally by God
I am indeed grateful
And I let it be so
It is so

Maureen Moss

Dec 15

The Purpose Of Business Is To Make Money

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , business , Money , Success , Wealth


The purpose of any business is to make money. It doesn’t matter if you’re Apple Inc. or a heart centered entrepreneur or spiritual healer, you are able to serve the world in a much bigger way when you have the freedom to reach more people and thrive and help others to do the same. Many spiritual business people are so concerned about making everybody happy and being liked and accepted that they avoid doing the essential necessary things required to make any business profitable.


Nov 23

EFT Tapping: You Are Abundance

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Conscious Wealth , Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Money , Success , Wealth


You are the infinite source of everything, including abundance. When you realize this truth and fully embrace this belief system, anything is possible and you will have all the wealth, abundance, money and freedom your heart desires. Join Marguerita and tap along with this EFT Tapping Video to help install this Universal Truth so you can achieve all your goals and dreams and more than you ever dreamed possible.

Sadly we have been so deeply conditioned out of this truth, and have experienced so much evidence to the contrary, it can be challenging to really embrace the Universal Truth that we are infinite abundance, peace, love and joy.

EFT Tapping is a fabulous tool that can help to release all the old beliefs and install new, positive, more powerful beliefs in their place that support us in achieving our goals and dreams. This is one of those videos that will change your life.

Join the Conscious Wealth Institute community now to receive your free gifts with more tapping videos, information, tools, techniques and strategies to help you to be the best you can possibly be and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

Sep 21

Sound Healing for Wealth and Abundance

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Abundance , Healing , Money , Sound Healing , Wealth


Your vibration and subconscious conditioning around wealth, abundance and money is the only thing standing in between you and all the wealth and abundance your heart desires. Listen now to the video below to receive a powerful shift in your abundance vibration.

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