Apr 27

Will I Become A Billionaire If I am Determined To Be One and Put In The Hard Work?

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Money

A response on Quora to this question posed to, Justine Musk, former wife of multi-billionaire Elon Musk, who is founder of PayPal, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Her response is right on the money. Heed her advice if you want to be truly wealthy. This is what separates those who truly succeed from the wanna be’s.

Here is the full transcript of her response.

Question: ‘Will I become a billionaire if I am determined to be one and put in the hard work’

Justine Musk:


One of the many qualities that separate self-made billionaires from the rest of us is their ability to ask the right questions.

This is not the right question.

(Which is not to say it’s a bad question. It just won’t get that deep part of your mind working to help you — mulling things over when you think you’re thinking about something else — sending up flares of insight.)

You’re determined. So what? You haven’t been racing naked through shark-infested waters yet. Will you be just as determined when you wash up on some deserted island, disoriented and bloody and ragged and beaten and staring into the horizon with no sign of rescue?

We live in a culture that celebrates determination and hard work, but understand: these are the qualities that keep you in the game after most everybody else has left, or until somebody bigger and stronger picks you up and hurls you back out to sea. Determination and hard work are necessary, yes, but they are the minimum requirements. As in: the bare minimum.

A lot of people work extremely hard and through no fault of their own — bad luck, the wrong environment, unfortunate circumstances — struggle to survive.

How can you *leverage* your time and your work?

Shift your focus away from what you want (a billion dollars) and get deeply, intensely curious about what the world wants and needs. Ask yourself what you have the potential to offer that is so unique and compelling and helpful that no computer could replace you, no one could outsource you, no one could steal your product and make it better and then club you into oblivion (not literally). Then develop that potential. Choose one thing and become a master of it.  Choose a second thing and become a master of that.  When you become a master of two worlds (say, engineering and business), you can bring them together in a way that will a) introduce hot ideas to each other, so they can have idea sex and make idea babies that no one has seen before and b) create a competitive advantage because you can move between worlds, speak both languages, connect the tribes, mash the elements to spark fresh creative insight until you wake up with the epiphany that changes your life.

The world doesn’t throw a billion dollars at a person because the person wants it or works so hard they feel they deserve it. (The world does not care what you want or deserve.)  The world gives you money in exchange for something it perceives to be of equal or greater value: something that transforms an aspect of the culture, reworks a familiar story or introduces a new one, alters the way people think about the category and make use of it in daily life. There is no roadmap, no blueprint for this; a lot of people will give you a lot of advice, and most of it will be bad, and a lot of it will be good and sound but you’ll have to figure out how it doesn’t apply to you because you’re coming from an unexpected angle. And you’ll be doing it alone, until you develop the charisma and credibility to attract the talent you need to come with you.

Have courage. (You will need it.)

And good luck.  (You’ll need that too.)”


Apr 13

Are You Held Hostage By Money

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Money

Do you feel like you’re being held hostage by money in some area of your life? Developments in Australia in the last few days have horrified me. Our Government has decided it’s a good idea to hold parents to ransom by cutting off all child and child care benefits if parents don’t vaccinate their children.

If you’re feeling that the choices you make every day are limited by the amount of money you have, the way to liberate yourself is to change your money story and your relationship with money. Find out how I really want to help you to do that in today’s video.

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Wherever you stand on this debate, the long term, big picture implications of Governments legislating to revoke peoples freedom of choice in this way is frightening and opens the door for forced compliance in other areas of our lives.

Changing your relationship with money is easy, and difficult. You simply need to change the subconscious programming that’s dictating your money mindset and your relationship to money. The tricky part is identifying the belief systems and stories you have around money and your association with it that is causing you to sabotage yourself financially.

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Jan 06

According To Einstein

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Success

This quote attributed to Einstein defines today’s video blog perfectly. What you are NOT going to do this year to achieve wealth and success is just as important to define as what you ARE going to do to realize your goals and dreams and make this your best year ever. Find out more in the video below.

(And below that, check out the funny video with Bob Newhart that will have you in tears! It also has a very appropriate message!)

Download your workbook so you can set yourself up to rock 2015!!!

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

For a laugh, watch this funny video with Bob Newhart……

Dec 24

Silent Night Light Language Christmas Carol

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Light Language , Sound Healing , Stress

Christmas is a wonderful time for family, celebrate, peace, love and joy. Unfortunately, with so many pressures put on families at Christmas time, the reality for many people can be a cocktail of frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, stress and even sadness.

To help bring the spirit of peace back to your heart, I have prepared a Christmas Carol with a twist. I have recorded a light language sound healing to Silent Night. Find a nice quiet place and listen for a few minutes to relieve all the tension, stress and anxiety that may have built up over the past couple of weeks so you can enjoy a relaxed and joy filled Christmas with your loved ones.


Dec 20

What ‘On Earth’ Is Going On?

By Marguerita Vorobioff | Uncategorized

What On Earth Is Going On

What a tragic week here in our beautiful Island home of Australia. We have seen the best and the worst of humanity. After the terror of the Sydney siege, people banded together and showed solidarity, understanding, and compassion that brought tears to my eyes. Now, in the wake of this horrific and tragic event in Cairns with the death of 8 innocent children people have become all self-righteous and suddenly appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner. I have seen many posts calling for the death penalty to be reintroduced and the worst kind of punishment brought to bear on this woman.

As a light worker and healer, I have done clearings for people who were unaware that another entity had entered, and were dominating their energy field. This may be hard for many to understand, all I know is that is what I have experienced and witnessed.

A psychotic episode is something we cannot comprehend unless we have experienced it. And there can be no other reasonable explanation for an act as abhorrent as this than psychosis.

Introducing harsh punishment for these kinds of crimes is like giving people free access to all the alcohol they can consume and then telling them to make sure that when they are too drunk and incoherent to know what they’re doing, not to do anything stupid because they will be punished.

This woman was obviously not in her right mind. How could she be? Was she even consciously present whilst carrying out this horrendous act of violence? Was she having hallucinations? Under the influence of drugs either legal or illegal? Did she have schizophrenia? Was she bipolar? There are a thousand things we don’t know about this woman or what drove her to this.

The question we need to ask is how is the system failing people who enter a frame of mind where they are capable of committing such unimaginable acts of violence and atrocities against others. At some stage, there would have been a cry for help. Did it go unheeded? Was she ignored or dismissed? What has gone so horribly wrong in this woman’s life that she could become such a monster?

Mental illness is out of control in our society and this is what needs to be addressed. Governments are turning their backs because the problem is too big and too expensive to address, and nothing they’re doing is working. Traditional medicine is at a loss as to know how to address this problem.

The problem is that there is a war being waged on many levels – cosmically, energetically and physically. We all experience it in our minds on some level. It is the absence of complete peace and unconditional love. It is fear. And when this fear escalates beyond normal levels tolerable to our tiny human minds, the result can be catastrophic.

This woman, who is now labelled as one of the worst child murderers in our history, is obviously suffering unbelievable torture mentally as this is the only way anyone would be capable of committing such an act. Is punishment going to fix that? Is throwing her to the wolves or executing her going to help a problem that is rampant in our society?

We are so quick to be judge, jury and executioner without even knowing all the facts. All we see is the incomprehensible result of the struggle this woman has undergone.

This is a wake up call to everyone that there is something going on underneath the surface of our society that must be addressed and fast.

I am not, by any means, suggesting what she did is not vile and abhorrent beyond our imagination. What I am suggesting is that these kind of acts will continue to escalate if we do not start paying attention and treating this problem at it’s cause and trying to understand at the deepest level what is driving people in our society to not only kill themselves, but others as well.